Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow

Alright, I guess you`ve heard, but we`re doing a couple of gigs related to the best server operating system ever, Windows Server 2012.

You can get more information here, and sign up for whatever event you`d like.
For those of you who are living in Norway, we are visiting Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.
I`ll do the Windows Server 2012 sessions with a big focus on Hyper-V and the related enhancements, but also general server management and so on. The goal is to put it into context so that you can go home and start exploring all the great features.
In addition, the event is free. So there is actually no reasons for why you should not join J
Perhaps you would like a day off from work, or meet up with some peers to discuss the next generation of Windows Server, or maybe you just want to grab the chance to see a living legend, eh? ;-)

I`ve also received some questions if this event will be held in English.
For those of you who are living in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and so on, I am not sure. I know there`s no event planned in those countries, so I guess the number of attendees will decide. If you require English, I`ll give you English.

See you there!

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