Thursday, May 31, 2012

Windows Server 2012 RC – Available now!

Of course, while I`m on the road and staying at a hotel, Microsoft ships Windows Server 2012 RC.
That means that I`m downloading the bits with the internet available in the hotel… (curses).

You can grab the download here: and choose between the ISO and VHD.

(If you want to test Hyper-V, remember that you`d have to install the RC directly on your hardware – you can’t test this within a VM).

I`ll be back after I have received the download and deployed it in my environment.
Perfect timing though, just in time so that I`ll have the chance to upgrade before the Windows Server 2012 Roadshow we`re doing in a couple of weeks.

Come and join if you want to build a Hyper-V Private Cloud with me – from scratch J


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