Sunday, May 13, 2012

SC 2012 Boot camp. My sessions

Getting ready for SC 2012 bootcamp.
I`m about to leavy my house and travel to Tønsberg, one of the oldest cities in Norway to deliver a bunch of sessions related to the newly realesed System Center suite - System Center 2012.
I`ll have 5 sessions.

1. Private Cloud / SC 2012 overview, going through all the components and how they integrates with each other, and what value this brings to your business. (Demos). Level 200-400.

2. SC 2012 - Data Protection Manager. What can you expect from this version and what are the new exciting features in this release? We will take a look on integration in this session as well. (Demos). Level 300.

3. SC 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager. Why is this the the key component in your private cloud? We`ll take a look at the architecture and setup, as well as the most important pillars. This will be a level 400 session.

4. SC 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager 2. Demo of Fabric management, Services, Cloud and much more. Level 400.

5. SC 2012 - App Controller. Give this tool to your application owners, for a persistent view of both on-premise and public cloud resources. This will include setup, key concepts and what challenges this component hopefully will solve.

The rest of the week? Deep dive into Orchestrator. I`ll live the hotel life the entire week, so if you`re near Oslo and want to grab a bite and a drink, let me know :-)


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Murat said...

Hi Kristian,
I wish you a nice session. Love to hear sharing experience and have a nice boot camp. :)