Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We have a solution!

Ok, then we needs to find a problem..

Recently, there was a thread in the Hyper-V forum.
It was all about the cloud stuff in VMM 2012, and if they should implement this in their production. I mean, not implement the Beta in their production but in the long term, should they plan to use this one.

So what is this stuff about the private cloud anyway?
In VMM 2012, you can get a clear picture of it. If you have had trouble to understand how Windows Azure works, you might get a better understanding of it if you`ve touched VMM 2012.

Let`s summarize a bit. In VMM 2012, the Cloud concept is a subset of the underlying hardware resources (or all of it), that you define and configure in the ‘Fabric’. These fabric-resources can be used by the clouds that you create. You can segment your resources, clusters, hosts, LUNs, networks, VLANs etc, and put it into a ‘cloud’. And to underline the entire concept, you are able to define how much CPU, RAM, I/O and network the cloud should have access too. Isn`t that what the cloud is all about? I mean, to scale, automatic, and on demand?


But for an IT-pro, it`s important to know that there is something that is more important than the Hypervisor and the Virtual Machines. Off course it`s important to have all the underlying components properly configured and available. But you do not get any richer by deploying VMs for no reasons.
This leads us towards the thing that really matter (for the clients/customers) – the applications.

And VMM2012 Is all about the applications, and services. Deploy application templates, service templates, SQL templates and so on. These are the things that should scale, and that`s why you want a cloud. To scale UP – not out. Careless of where the workloads run.

If you do not need to scale, you may be OK with a simple deployment solution. And VMM 2012 works very well for that to.

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