Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It`s our baby

Personally, I did not like kids before. I mean, I did not dislike them, but I rather did not care about them either.
It definitely changed when I got my own kids. I love my own kids. Just like you. You love your own kids, I`m sure.

And that`s what Windows Azure is for Microsoft. It`s their baby. And they expect everyone else to love their baby, just as I do, with my own kids. Off course everyone else like my kids. Right?

No. It does not work that way. Microsoft need to explain and show the rest, why somebody else should give a damn about their baby.
And I think that they have succeeded. I mean, how many have not started with their Azure projects, after a session with the enthusiastic evangelists from Microsoft Corp?
Even companies that does not have the benefit, or need to scale out their applications have moved their legacy applications over to Azure. And many new companies have started to develop on this platform right from the start.  

Personally, I would prefer a rich traditional desktop application. And I`m only 25 years old. I suppose I should rather prefer everything that is new, and a bit more technically complex than how it used to be.
But lately, this has also changed for me as well. I would rather prefer to spend my time with a more user friendly application, hosted in a secure and accessible datacenter. At least, that`s what my customers want. And I have to give it to them. Either through Azure, or from our own private cloud.
With new stuff like Codename Concero and VMM 2012, things are moving further toward the cloud and the PaaS model - also for the IT-pro. It`s all about applications. It has always been, and it`s time for me to realize that.
Has Microsoft done a good job with my mind? I`m afraid they have. My focus would from now on be on the applications, and not to cuddle with my VMs. Meaning that the VMs and hypervisors should be alive and up, and have a great time. But to serve the clients with innovative applications, I have to prepare for that and support this development.

Things are just starting to get a bit more complex for the IT-administrator. Or maybe not. We have totally control of the underlying resources, and we have a solid understanding of the rest - the applications.
No wonder why Steve Ballmer shouted ‘developers..Developers..DEVELOPERS’.
I just made this ridiculous blog post just before bed time.

Hopefully you`ve had e nice reading and something to think on.

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