Monday, April 11, 2011

Explaining the difference between the Web Role and the Worker Role.

Today, I spoke with mr David Platt. Yeah, the software legend.
This week is all about Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and AppFabric.

David Platt is a guy who knows how to explain things. Even the most complex scenario may end up with a simple metaphor, with a laughing audience.

Here`s an example.

When you go to the store to buy a fish, you are welcomed by a nice pretty lady. She takes the order, and handles it back to the person who cut the fish. This pretty lady does not know anything about how you cut a fish. And the person, who is cutting the fish, does not know anything about customer service. So to clarify it for you. The nice pretty lady is the Web Role, looking good, and is visible and accessible for the customer. The person who cuts the fish, is the Worker Role. He/she does not have to be good looking at all, but needs to know what he/she`s doing to get the process done.”

I`m really looking forward to the rest of this week, and we already agreed today that the VMRole should not be considered as an IaaS. (So it should not be any misunderstandings about this point by know, since THE software legend himself stated this. J )

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