Thursday, April 7, 2011

TechDays in Norway

Recently, Microsoft Norway arranged TechDays (MSDN/TechNet Live).

The content included everything from VDI deployment and LYNC server to Silverlight and HTML 5.
I was lucky to participate twice during the TechDays – holding the keynote in Bergen, and represented Microsoft in Oslo to answer questions related to virtualization, to take the Hyper-V vs. VMware discussion with the visitors, and to run demoes.

And I had a lot of great discussions with the visitors, since most of them were using VMware as their hypervisor J
I had a little secret that day. I brought my laptop that I connected to my test-lab, and was able to demonstrate conversion of VMs from VMware to Hyper-V with VMM2012 – on the fly.
And the response was great. I`m sure that some of the visitors went straight home to download and evaluate the VMM2012 Beta.
I was also witnessing some interesting expressions in some of the visitors face. You see, many people are telling me that the reason why they are running VMware is functionality like vMotion. But after a conversation with me, they are leaving the room with knowledge of how Hyper-V works. And that everything they need, is included in the operating system.

(Nice T-shirt?)

I will take a deep dive into VMM2012 and Azure next week. That should generate some more activity on my blog.


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