Monday, August 10, 2015

My Sessions at System Center Universe

If you haven’t signed up for the conference by now, you should really hurry up.
Have a look at the sessions we are about to present during this year conference here in Europe:

I will have 4 sessions this year, covering a lot of interesting stuff that I want to share with you.

On Monday, we will do a joint session together with Savision (partner) and several industry experts, such as Robert, Thomas and Kevin.
The session title is “Are ITIL and System Center BFF?”

In the modern world where organizations are facing new challenges to be more competitive, they are looking for better ways to improve the quality and efficiency of their IT Service delivery using ITIL framework. Gain valuable insights and best practices on how you can adopt the ITIL framework to Microsoft System Center and OMS from real world experiences together with Savision’s Jonas Lenntun, and Microsoft MVPs Robert Hedblom, Kristian Nese, Kevin Greene and Thomas Maurer.

On Tuesday, I will have the “Early Morning Discussion – Microsoft Azure Stack” together with Thomas Maurer.

Bring all your questions and we will answer as much as we can, while consuming some crazy amount of coffee during this hour.
I will also bring my laptop in case we have to show you some live demos.

Immediately after the morning discussion, me and Thomas will take you into the next generation of infrastructure by introducing you to Nano Server.

In this session we will walk you through how Nano Server is changing the fundamental way we look at fabric servers and workloads. Nano Service will change the way we build servers and solve fundamental challenges which we have encountered over the past years embracing cloud fundamentals.

I can guarantee you a lot of breathtaking demos during this session.
(Although the expected level of this session will be 200, there will definitively be a lot of PowerShell code to cover, since Nano Server is a headless x64 server without any local console).

On Wednesday, I will go solo and talk about “Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds”.

For more than two decades, the way to manage applications on enterprise distributed systems has followed consistent patterns, and has proven to be very effective. But new paradigms have emerged and are changing how IT is delivering business value, and how IT interacts with business units and end users. Among these new paradigms are: cloud computing (including multi-tenancy and self-service), DevOps, outsourcing, hosting, and more. These paradigms come with different layers and assignments of responsibilities, that underlying technologies must implement for the end-to-end process to remain efficient, scalable and flexible. This session goes through these changes, explains how Microsfot solutions are adapting to them, and summarizes the vision for modern application management in infrastructure as a service (whether on-prem, or in the public cloud or both).

This should be a very interesting session to follow, where we will walk down the memorial lane and see where we eventually ends up and how to deal with it.

Later on Wednesday, I will do my last session – and I am really looking forward to this one, as it is about a subject that is very close to my heart: “Deep-dive on Azure Resource Manager”.

Join me to take the shortcut on Azure Resource Manager (ARM). ARM will definitively have an impact on your career, and probably has already. Once Azure Stack arrives on-prem, we will have a true consistency through ARM that will change the way we are modeling and delivering our services to the clouds. During this session, you will learn how a template is constructed and how to create and deploy your cloud resources.

Please note the following:
The ARM session is level 400 – and also a side session. That means there will only be room for 15 persons.

After the session, I really need to jump into a taxi and get to the airport.

I hope I’ll see you in Basel in a few days J

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