Thursday, January 23, 2014

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack

I have now some really dirty fingers after I've been playing around with Windows Azure Pack for the last weeks.
Together with a fellow MVP, Marc van Eijk, we have done some huge investment in Windows Azure Pack to detect pitfalls and gotchas.

Windows Azure Pack is key when you would like to offer sophisticated services to your tenants, and therefore is very critical in this context. In order to understand how everything is working together, we have been cracking, destroying and fighting with this beast to be better prepared if anything happens in a real world deployment.

The findings so far have been very valuable and we are happy share it with you during some blog posts in the near future.

Note: In the MVP community, we have been discussing several stuff with the product groups around our findings. As a result of this, MS has now published a "Windows Azure Troubleshooting" section at TechNet which can be found here

Stay tuned :-)

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