Sunday, January 19, 2014

Presentations from NIC 2014

During this year conference, I had two sessions:

If you want to see and learn the future of service delivery and automation, you should definitively join this session to see how you can leverage new technology like network virtualization with GRE (NVGRE) and self-service deployment of complex workloads with Windows Azure Pack. Automation is key to maximize your investment in Windows Server and System Center, which Windows Azure Pack is all about. This session is tailored at service providers, enterprises and for the general public who wants to learn more about the future of cloud computing

Hybrid Cloud with Network Virtualization in WSSC 2012 R2 (based on the whitepaper) -

Join a true VMM Ninja and learn about network virtualization in a practical way.
This session will walk-through the configuration parts required and also explain what happens, and more important – why and how it happens.
Windows Server and System Center are using Network Virtualization with GRE in order to fulfill the story around the Cloud OS, and must be considered as mandatory to have hybrid cloud solutions, no matter if it’s in the enterprise or as part of a hosting plan with Windows Azure Pack.
VMM is responsible for deploying, maintaining and configure the NVGRE policies across your cloud infrastructure, so everything will be performed from this single console. (Yes, you will learn a lot about networking in VMM in general during this session too).

Use the links to download the pptx’s – and hopefully they will be useful.

Thank you for everyone who joined my sessions during these two days, and I really enjoyed all the discussions afterwards, and especially the possibilities around Service Management API in Windows Azure Pack.

I will (hopefully in the next couple of days) provide you with a detailed blog post about the current environment where I will explain how to setup the remote desktop console feature in Windows Azure Pack.

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