Monday, February 6, 2012

Microsoft Private Cloud Book

2011 was such an exciting year. I became a Microsoft MVP the 1th July, and also published my book later that year. Of course it was about Cloud Computing – using Virtual Machine Manager 2012 (written in Norwegian).

A couple of weeks later, I received one of the best e-mails ever. From Mr. Aidan Finn!
And the CC`s on that mail, were the likes of Hans Vredevoort, Damian Flynn and Patrick Lownds.
They informed me that they were working on a book. “Microsoft Private Cloud” – focusing on Virtual Machine Manager 2012, and they needed a technical editor.
To get quickly to the point: I did not hesitate a single moment, and was happy to confirm that I would accept this great honor.

So my job with this book is related to review the technical content and make suggestions where it`s needed. Actually, this is a luxury job. With so many skilled authors and technicians on the team, you should prepare yourself for a really good, technical and academically compelling book, covering all the details you would require to be successful with your private cloud implementation.

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Anonymous said...

Kristian, Will this book be available in English?
--Robert S