Thursday, December 22, 2011

Use your VMM 2012 library for you Windows Azure Applications (Part Two)

App Controller contain some nice features when it comes to managing your resources both in your private cloud, and also in Microsoft`s public cloud, Windows Azure.

One thing I find quite useful is that you can create a folder in your VMM 2012 library containing your Windows Azure packages, and then move them to your public library so that they will be available for your application owners/developers.

Create a folder in your VMM 2012 library and copy your Azure application packages

Connect to your VMM 2012 library share in App Controller

Create a public library if you have not done this:

On the Library page, expand Cloud Libraries and then expand the Windows Azure node.
      Expand the Windows Azure subscription in which the new container should be created.
      Select the Windows Azure storage account in which the new container should be created.
      Click Create Container.
      In the Create Container dialog box, enter the new container name. The container name must be a valid DNS name. For more information about naming containers, see Naming Containers, Blobs, and Metadata.
      Click OK.

How to Copy Files From Local Shares to Public or Private Cloud Libraries
            Copy Files from Local Shares to Public Cloud Libraries

Authorized users can copy files from shares to their corresponding public cloud libraries.

To copy files from shares to a Windows Azure Cloud Library

      Go to the Library page and navigate to the share from which files should be copied.
      Select the file or files to be copied.
      Click Copy.
      Navigate to the Windows Azure storage container.
      Click Paste.

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