Friday, December 23, 2011

Deploy Services to Azure from App Controller (Part Three)

After you have created the required connections to both your private and public clouds, and set up the libraries to serve your clouds with resources, you should easily be able to deploy new services in both clouds using App Controller.

From your Public Cloud Library:

1.       First, copy the packages over to your public cloud library

2.       Right click your package and click ‘Deploy’

3.       Give your service a name and a public url, and specify the preferred region (you can also specify an affinity group if you have set up this)

4.       Select this hosted service for deployment

5.       Name this deployment and eventually specify the operating system version (Azure OS), and select stage or production. If this service is ready to you and you want it to be available immediate, select production

6.       You can eventually specify the roles and instances as well. In this example, 1 instance is enough

After the job is done, you`ll find your service up and running in the Services tab in App Controller.

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