Monday, January 3, 2011

Care to share? - Absolute!

What a joy to participate in the MSDN/TechNet Forums.
I started late in August 2010 to answer questions and share knowledge in the forums. Primary the Hyper-V forum
Earlier I contributed mostly in the ‘offline’ community. Doing some charity and taught some great children at the local school. I wanted to contribute in a way that gave the students a better understanding of PC`s and infrastructure – rather than just Facebook and online gaming. J Virtualization was of course the baseline for every session. It was quite successful.

I also participate in an offline user group, where we share knowledge, experience from our work day – everyone with various background since we`re not living in a city with a high numbers of citizen.

But I have to say, the forums are really fun to participate in.
I guess I`m a bit addicted to follow the threads, read other great MVPs contributions, and try to answer some questions myself.

So to all of my fellows in the MS forums: - Happy new year, and I hope we will learn a lot from each other in 2011 as well, and be able to help every single one of you who gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge in a technology that we are so devoted to.


Kristian Nese


Patrick D said...

Well said, Kristian!
I find your blog very helpful, and you have also appeared in many of my google-search when trying to find answers to my Hyper-V "issues".

-Patrick D

Anonymous said...

You mean August 2010 not 2011 :)
unless you have time machine.

Nice post.

Kristian Nese said...

oooops... 'syntax error' :-)
Off course, 2010. I think I`ll have to correct that rigth away