Friday, December 24, 2010

What to expect from 2011

The summary of 2010 would definitely include ’Cloud Computing’.
I guess that 2011 would include the term ‘Cloud Computing’ also, and perhaps people would talk about that term in a more accurate way – since we now have some understanding for what it actually means and does.

With the Server Application Virtualization coming up along with the next version of SCVMM – I`ll guess we`ll have a very exiting and interesting year ahead us.
We would have more of Private Clouds, and far more businesses would evaluate the Public Clouds available.

Maybe the IT-Pro should have a decent understanding of coding and development in the future – because it may be expected from us?

A Power Point presentation will be available on this blog early in 2011 – containing ‘IT-Pro`s and Windows Azure’

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