Friday, October 1, 2010

New Hyper-V LAB !

Finally I got all the required hardware for my new Hyper-V lab. My students are thrilled, and so am I.
Two identical servers from Supermicro, 3 switches, QNap Turbo NAS with ISCSI target and we`re on.
Since the creation of my iscsi target is taking about 48 hours, I`ll have to wait to set up my CSV`s.
But I`ve already some running VMs on my hosts, that I`ll have to migrate to my cluster.
I will show you 'how to' in my next post on this blog.


Johnny said...

I'm thrilled!

Michel Lüscher said...

Hi Kristian. Which QNAP do you use in the lab? And how is the performance when you run a few VMs? Thanks for sharing some details ;)


Kristian Nese said...

Hi Michel.
I use QNAP TS-419P+ Turbo 4-bay NAS for my LAB. I would not advise you to consider this in a production scenario. It`s slow and cheap:-)
But for testing - on the server side, it`s ok. If I would require to do a lot more within the guest OS, I would have to increase the budget a bit and get something faster.