Monday, September 27, 2010

“After all, VMs is nothing but a set of files in a folder”

There are many ways to describe virtualization. You can either describe it in a very complex
and confusing method, or just simplify it and say that VMs is nothing but a set
of files in a folder.
Anyhow, it`s important to know the concept of virtualization, what you want to achieve,
and how.
Even though the machines are virtualized, you have to think and consider them as
Example: If your physical SQL server needs dedicated
controllers/disks for its data and log files, your VM need that as well.
Virtualization is supposed to simplify administration. Virtualization adds flexibility and efficiency to the IT infrastructure. Its potential to reduce overall footprint in the data center by making better use of server resources benefits the entire IT organization by trimming costs and freeing up money and people to perform revenue-producing work. But to reach these goals, you also need to obtain some new knowledge.
I will have a walk-through in my next post since I`m going to install and configure a
brand new lab-environment, and try to show some pros and cons about
virtualization vs. physical.

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virtualization said...

Currently I work for Dell and thought your article on virtualization is quite impressive. Virtualization allow businesses to run with fewer resources while providing the infrastructure to meet today and future customer needs.It also consolidates physical resources, simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements.