Monday, February 1, 2016

Free book! Cloud Consistency with Azure Resource Manager


I was able to spend some wife points this weekend to finalize the new book “Cloud Consistency with Azure Resource Manager”.

This book is aiming to get you started with Azure Resource Manager and covers many examples on how to author templates, use functions as well as exploring many of the other aspects of Azure Resource Manager

Here’s a snapshot of the content:

About the authors
Kristian Nese | @KristianNese
Flemming Riis | @FlemmingRiis
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Stack
Cloud Computing and Modern Application Modeling
Step 1 – Service Templates
Step 2 – VM Roles
Step 3 – Azure Resource Manager
IaaS v2 – Azure Resource Manager API replaces Service Management API
Consistent Management Layer
Azure PowerShell
Azure CLI
Azure Resource Manager Rest API
Azure Portal
Azure Resource Manager Templates
Deploying with Azure Resource Manager
Where can we deploy our Azure Resource Manager Templates
Explaining the template format
Authoring the first Azure Resource Manager Template
Adding parameter file
Visual Studio
Azure Portal
Idempotency with Azure Resource Manager
Resource Explorer
Imperative Deployment with Azure Resource Manager
Advanced Azure Resource Manager Templates
Write once, deploy anywhere

Instead of jumping right into the authoring experience and learn how an ARM template is constructed, we wanted to give you enough context to know what’s going on in the industry, what is changing and how you should prepare yourself to take advantage of this new way of managing your cloud resoueces.

If you have been playing around with Azure already, you are probably very familiar with some of the content already. If you are new, and especially interested in Microsoft Azure Stack, you should be glad to know that everything you learn in this book can be addressed there as well.

It has been a great experience writing this book, covering some of the most interesting stuff we have available right now, and I have to emphasize that this book will also be updated as we move forward to keep up with all the great things that is happening in the Microsoft Cloud.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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