Monday, November 17, 2014

Speaking at Campus Days in Copenhagen

The last week in November, I will present several sessions at "Campus Days" in Copenhagen in Denmark.

Together with my good friend, Flemming Riis, we will show different sides of datacenter and cloud management using a real world fabric in order to hit the high notes together with the audience.

What's cool with this conference is that all sessions will be available on Channel 9 afterwards.

I will have two presentations:

Mastering Networking in VMM (level 400)

A very interesting topic (to say the least) where I will cover the design and implementation of networking in VMM.
This should give you a complete overview of how to implement fabric networks, software-defined networking (NVGRE with NVGRE gateways) and lay the foundation for automation with Windows Azure Pack. If you have any questions related to networking in VMM, this is your chance to speak up, ask questions and join the interactive session.

Virtual Machine Manager (level 300)

A bit vague title, but many interesting things can be place underneath the umbrella of Virtual Machine Manager. This can be your day-to-day management tool, or your fabric controller that will be harnessed by Windows Azure Pack.
Here we will touch several aspects such as compute, networking and storage management, as well as service templates, cloud and much more.

I also recommend you to join Dr. Riis sessions, which you later will find online here:


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