Thursday, October 9, 2014

The specific IP address is already allocated by the pool - SCVMM

Every now and then, I see fabric environments where the following have occurred:

·         They tried to create their Hyper-V Cluster in VMM
·         The process failed at some step (it can be many reasons for this, not necessary that’s VMM fault)
·         They go to one of the hosts and create the cluster from there
·         They refresh the nodes in VMM and the cluster appear

Now, that is quite common actually, and this works great.
One of the reasons why VMM is complaining a lot more than Failover Cluster Manager, is because VMM has high expectations regarding networking, storage etc.

So what happens when you create the cluster outside of VMM, and at the same time, is so rude and steal an IP address from the IP Pool in VMM?

You will see the following in the job view on a regular basis:

Frustrating. So imagine you have added Hyper-V Replica Broker to that cluster as well, stealing another IP from the pool in VMM? Then this can be noisy.


First thing first, find out what IP address VMM is referring to.


Find the right name in your environment. I will use “MGMT IP Pool Copenhagen” as I know this is a Hyper-V Cluster in that site.

Next, put that in a variable like this:

See which addresses you have registered:

Once you have detected the IP, it is time to remove it.

Get-SCIPAddress –IPAddress “” | Revoke-SCIPAddress

The only thing left, is to reserve this IP address in the VMM IP Pool so that VMM will ignore it in the future.
Once this is done, perform a refresh of the cluster object in VMM to verify that it is green and happy.

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