Monday, June 16, 2014

Shape the future of Windows Azure Pack!

You can help shape the future of Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack delivers Microsoft Azure technologies for you to run inside your datacenter. It offers rich, self-service, multi-tenant services and experiences that are consistent with Microsoft’s public cloud offering.
You can help shape the future of Windows Azure Pack. The Windows Azure Pack team has created a user voice site where you can post feature suggestions and vote on the suggestions of others.
You can find the Azure Pack user voice site here
Sign in to track your submitted ideas and comments.
When you would like to submit a new suggestion, type in one or more relevant keyword. This will automatically filter the already submitted items. If somebody else already submitted the same suggestion, it allows you to vote on that suggestion. As a signed in user you will have a total of 10 votes. With these votes you can submit new suggestions or vote on existing ones.

Vote for existing suggestions

When you vote for existing items, you can choose to give 1, 2, or 3 votes for more weight. You are able to change your assigned votes afterwards. When suggestions are closed, the votes you assigned to that suggestion are available again.

Submit a new suggestion

To submit a new suggestion, provide the title for the suggestion and optionally enter a description and category. Select to attach a file if that helps to explain the suggestion and choose how many votes you would like to put on this suggestion.

Help shape Windows Azure Pack with the user voice site

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TElli$ said...

How can I set Storage Classifications in VM Roles? We need the ability to control what volumes OS and Data disk get provisioned too. These volumes are separated by their classifications. I'm able to do this via a template and expose it to the Azure Pack portal, but that does not give me scale capabilities.