Monday, April 14, 2014

Co-existence of WAP and HRM - Fixed!

Co-existence of WAP and HRM is now fixed!

Microsoft has released an Update Rollup (1) for Hyper-V Recovery Manager.
This update will eliminate the needs for the “Hyper-V Cloud Capability Profile” associated with the HW profiles on the VMs, that also must be present in the cloud in VMM.

Why do we get an Update Rollup that specifically removes this requirement?

When testing HRM and Windows Azure Pack together, we saw that the combination of this capability profile together with Gallery Items (VM Roles with SPF/VMM as resource provider in a VM Cloud) didn’t work very well together.
If you are familiar with VM roles, then you know that they are not associated with any hardware profiles, but uses only resdefpkg (imported in WAP) and resextpkg (imported in VMM). These artifacts will use their own settings and only bind to physical objects in the VMM library like VHD’s, scripts etc.

In other words: the deployment of a VM Role to a cloud with any cloud capability profile associated, would fail. Therefore, you could not have a cloud configured in VMM that could be used by both WAP and HRM.

This is now fixed and you must install the update on your VMM management server (where the HRM provider is installed) and perform a restart.

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