Monday, March 24, 2014

Whitepaper update!

Hi everyone. This is just a heads up for our upcoming update of our whitepaper.
Together with experts like Flemming, Damian, Daniel, Marc and Stan the man, we are proud to say that we are almost done with a major update.
We have added something very interesting to our whitepaper so that you can get the best experience on how to learn the configuration steps to deliver a multi-tenant infrastructure as a service cloud.

So, what have we done this time?

Windows Azure Pack plays an important role for the service provider cloud, as well as for the enterprises. 
We wanted to show how you can fully leverage the setup of a multi-tenant fabric, with NVGRE enabled, when using Windows Azure Pack together with Service Provider Foundation. Therefore, the scope was to add content that walks you through the configuration, so that you can have a complete WAP solution running, enabling the VM Cloud. 

The following content has been added:

·         Adding the VM Cloud Resource Provider – we will see how we can add the VMM cloud we will be creating in part 1 into Windows Azure Pack and use this foundation for our IaaS services.
·         Adding gallery Items to the VM Cloud – create and add Gallery Items to the VM cloud, so that tenants who subscribe to the plan, can deploy sophisticated services by simply clicking on a few buttons.
·         Configuring Remote Console with RD Gateway – We want to provide our tenants with the option of remote into their virtual machines, without requiring the VMs to be on a connected network.
·         Creating Plans – we will include our VM Cloud in a Plan so that tenants can subscribe and deploy workloads in our multi-tenant fabric, which also will cover explanation of our management stamp, architecture and modeling of clouds in VMM for use with Plans.
·         Tenant experience – the look and feel, as well as the experience for our tenants when subscribing to Plans.
·         Creating VM networks – how to create VM networks – using NVGRE in the fabric, combining both NAT and S2S VPN for hybrid environments.
·         Deploying workloads – deploy Active Directory Domain Controllers, SQL Servers and other customized VM roles to simplify the tenant experience.

When can we download the updated whitepaper?

The updated content should be available in the end of this week (we will let you know), and as always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

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