Monday, September 9, 2013

White paper - Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE (WSSC 2012 R2)

A very interesting weekend is over, and we are happy to announce the release of our white paper that covers implementation and configuration of network virtualization with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V, and System Center 2012 R2 - Virtual Machine Manager.

Download the white paper here

A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing network virtualization with a fellow MVP, Flemming Riis.
We decided quickly that we needed to embrace this technology and help the community to adopt it.
Generally speaking, NVGRE should be simple to implement, but when we add all the possible configuration options with VMM into the mix, we need to know what we are doing.
Let us be clear: if you consider to implement NVGRE, you should consider VMM to be mandatory. Period.

Flemming provided us with his own lab, running blades, SAN's and everything we needed to make this as realistic as possible.

Stanislav Zhelyazkov and Daniel Neumann had the role as technical reviewers and provided us with deep insight and helpful stuff that we either didn't know of, or had missed. Thank you guys.

Please note that this white paper is in its first release.
Once we reach RTM, additional content will be added.

- Site-2-Site VPN

- Self-service and tenants with Windows Azure Pack

If you have any comments or questions related to the white paper, please leave a comment.




Miha said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Am putting aside time tomorrow just for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the whitepaper.
Did you test config multi tenant VM network with NAT using same Gateway? In my environment only 1 VM network can connect to internet and i'm still dont know the reason.


Kristian Nese said...

Tell me about Your environment. Have you verfied that the host has been assigning an IP from the PA pool from Your second VM network's VM?
Have you checked that the Gateway VM did assign a New Public IP to its front-end adapter after adding NAT to the new VM network?