Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to the "Switch to Hyper-V Conference"

This autumn will be loaded with speaking engagement, and together with Niklas Åkerlund in Sweden, I will have two days early in October where we will talk, demonstrate and show the beautiful journey from VMware to Hyper-V.

The reason why we are arranging such an event should be clear by now.
More and more often, we are meeting customers and partners who are seeking for advice when it comes to internal strategies regarding their datacenters. Cost is (obviously) a major factor in this calculation, but management and tools are very important too.
As you may be aware of, we are all waiting for the R2 release where we are moving towards a consistent platform with our Cloud OS.
As part of that, we will focus on things you might normally miss during a normal “Hyper-V vs. VMware” discussion.
Generally speaking, we are constantly focusing on features, licensing and costs when discussing the comparison of these vendors. However, we are taking this to the next level and will focus on the real ‘battle’, the battle the IT pro's are facing each and every day when working with their management tools.
What are the real capabilities of both vCenter and SCVMM?
Are you planning for a solution that is working today with specific thirds party vendors, or are you brave enough to look at this at a higher level?
We will definitively show you that virtualization is a lot more than just virtualization(!).
Remember that to fulfill your datacenter dream, we must include both storage, network, HA, DR and much much more.

Here’s the agenda, and if you are nearby one of these days, I would be glad to see you.

09.00 – 10.00
–What have happened with virtualization lately, and why we are here— (Level 200)
Let’s forget about features in the hypervisors for a second, and climb out of the box to get a better perspective on things. In this session we will look at the entire datacenter and explore what have happened, and where we are going.
This session will focus at the business level and help you to choose a strategy for your investments..
10.00 – 10.45
– Building your Hyper-V Private Cloud with System Center—(Level 400)
System Center 2012 R2 – Virtual Machine Manager may be the best example to show datacenter abstraction layer in real life. This session will focus on Fabric management in VMM 2012 R2, and show how you can integrate, abstract and manage the datacenter pieces. All within a single console.
Network management, storage management, multi-hypervisor management, automation, anf life-cycle management.
11.00 – 11.40
– Performing the switch from VMware to Hyper-V— (Level 400)
There are several tools available to help you with the conversion from VMware to Hyper-V.
This session will show you how you easily can do this manually, automated and simplified with existing tools.
11.40 – 12.00 Lunsj
12.00 – 12.45
–Lessons learned from early switchers—(Level 300)
Many customers and partners have already made the switch, consulted by Lumagate. In this session, we will share the common pitfalls, best practice and what benefits we are seeing at both a short and long term.
12.45– 14:00
Discussion and Q&A
Make the most of it and ask the experts about anything about cloud computing and virtualization and get assistance and guidance before you continue on your journey.
Kristian Nese
CTO at Lumagate, Microsoft MVP and Infrastructure Ranger at Microsoft Norway.
Kristian Nese is an experienced speaker, author and evangelist in the cloud computing space, and have implemented private clouds and service provider clouds for some of the largest organizations globally. He’s been working with Hyper-V and System Center since the early beta days back in 2007, and this has led to several books on the subject.
Kristian is an experienced speaker, delivering both keynotes and highly technical sessions (level 400) on subjects like Windows Azure, System Center, Windows Server and Hyper-V, and often used by Microsoft nationally and globally, both as a speaker and writer
To stay sharp, he spend a lot of time in the TechNet forums as well, trying to help the community so they can get the most out of the technology, and deliver training world wide.
Kristian is known for his subject matter expertise within cloud and his heavy coffee consumption.
Niklas Åkerlund
Niklas Akerlund is the Product Manager for Private Cloud at Lumagate. Niklas has been working with Microsoft infrastructure solutions since 1998. He has quite some experience in virtualization projects with consolidation planning and migrations from physical to virtual. Niklas have done both project management and technical design in Hyper-V upgrades and new installations. Niklas started working with Hyper-V at a former Employee in the TAP program for Windows Server 2008 and has a big interest in automation and optimization of virtual machines and hosts. He was also responsible for the TAP program engagement for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 at RTS. Niklas has been speaking on Technet Sweden events and continuously as a MCT at a local learning center. He is also an VMware vExpert 2013 as well as VCP 5. Niklas writes blog articles at with automation and virtualization as a focus area. You can find him on twitter where his handle is @vNiklas

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