Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the Infrastructure Ranger "comeback"

I am happy to announce that I will make a comeback as the Infrastructure Ranger at Microsoft here in Norway.
This is the position I had last year.
This time, it will be in a smaller portion so that it will work together with my role as the CTO in Lumagate. No – I am not a Microsoft employee. I am still a Cloud MVP, and I am still employed by Lumagate.

The reason for this blog post is not to brag nor to have a random career monolog, but rather inform those of you who are working with me about the situation.
The role as an infrastructure ranger is to provide proof-of-concepts, workshops, pre-sales activities and be the technical evangelist for the local MS office.
You may have heard about the V-TSP role, a role you can get if you work for a Gold Partner where Microsoft can use the V-TSP in pre-sales activities. This is something similar but at the same time very different.
When I appear as a ranger, I will wear the Microsoft hat. In other words, I will be partner neutral.
I am really looking forward to continue my close work with Microsoft, to tell and deliver on the Cloud OS story.

Now, I have a very clear agenda with this.
In my job (as a CTO and ranger), it’s key to know the customer we are working with to better understand their short – and long-term goals in order to support this with modern technology. There is no secret that I am deeply involved with service providers around the globe. One of the reasons why service providers is so interesting is because IT is their bread and butter. If you want to deploy the latest features and bits, service providers are mostly often the right audience to adopt this fastest.

With Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure (these are some of the bits that composes the Cloud OS), we are starting up some couple of lighthouse projects to increase the standards around.
In the end, it’s basically just a simple question you need to ask yourselves: what can we do better within our datacenter (no matter if it’s private or public) in order to succeed next?

If you want to read an article/interview (in Norwegian) about my thoughts on R2, please see the following link.

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ro said...

great site i am working in arvato in monterrey and i think this will help me alot i started training there two days ago and im gonna be assisting partners with their accounts.