Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Windows Azure & System Center Roadshow

Next month I will travel around in Norway to demonstrate hybrid cloud scenarios with Windows Azure and System Center.

The cloud is for real, and this goes for both the private and the public cloud.
Combining these two gives us a hybrid approach where we can consume, leverage and gain benefits from both. System Center together with Windows Server are the essential ingredients in a private cloud deployment. When we add Windows Azure to the summary, we can utilize a bunch of features and capabilities from this major public cloud from Microsoft.
Management is key and System Center is able to span private, public and service provider clouds (with SPF) to give you a holistic view of the environments and their capabilities.

Why am I doing this?
Windows Azure, back in the days, was first launched as a Platform as a Service cloud only.
This changed dramatically last summer when Microsoft added Infrastructure as a Service capabilities to their public cloud. We can now deploy virtual machines, create virtual networks and have site-2-site VPN between on-premise and Azure. Only this has opened the door to a bunch of new scenarios in the Microsoft world. In addition, several offerings are in preview, and some of these are on the agenda for this roadshow.
I would like to highlight some of the key investments here and show how you and your customers can gain ROI and sleep better in the future.

In the end of the day, I would like you to remember some important things after joining these sessions:

1)      Windows Azure and System Center provides you with premium tools to simplify complex solutions.
2)      You can get started right away and it is fairly easy to understand, deploy and utilize.
3)      We, Lumagate, know what we are doing and are ready to help you with everything I’ll talk about.

I will cover the following topics:

·         Windows Azure Recovery Services
See how using Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Sp1 and Windows Azure make disaster recovery easy together, to secure your environments in a worst-case scenario.

·         Using Windows Azure in your offsite backup strategy
Windows Server 2012, System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Sp1 and Windows Azure can ensure that you get the sleep you require every night. Instead of using dedicated hardware for offsite backup (long-term), we can now put Azure storage into our consideration when planning for secure backups.

·         Working with Virtual Machines using Windows Azure Portal and App Controller
Windows Server 2012, System Center App Controller 2012 Sp1 and Windows Azure let you expand your datacenter and deploy virtual machines to private, public and service provider clouds in an easy manner. See how to move things around, back and forth while having a simplified management experience for your self-service users.

To join us on this free community event, please register on the following link: http://lumagate.no/windows-azure-og-system-center-roadshow


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Du skal ikke tilfeldighvis til Oslo eller Vestfold da? :)