Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summary of Virtualization Cruise and announcement of SC 2012 SP1 Roadshow.

My last blog post, I announced that I would be presenting at a Virtualization Cruise.
I was representing Microsoft this time, and presented Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012.

Some of the feedback from the attendees was:

“what, we didn’t know that Hyper-V had all these features”

“What? Is this hypervisor also a free stand-alone product, that I can download?”

“Is it really possible to have direct access to Fibre Channel from a virtual machine?”

“If I buy System Center, then I get all these components and can even manage my VMware environment?”

Now, it’s not a secret that I present a lot on the topic of virtualization – and especially Hyper-V. However, most of time when I do so, it is more or less for Microsoft people or purely Microsoft customers. I must admit that I was a bit surprised that this group did not have the information about this already, that Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 is a role that they can enable, as long as the hardware supports x64 virtualization and DEP, or is available as a free download called Hyper-V 2012 server.

I felt the settings were right when the person from VMware left the room, just when I was about to start my presentation. I guess he knew what was coming, and they gets what coming.

Luckily for me, I am in charge to set the agenda for how we (Lumagate) can target these customers. We will (in a couple of hours) present some new concepts on our web pages, to show how we can help customers to get on the right virtualization platform, prepared for real cloud computing, either public, service provider, private and of course – hybrid.

See the agenda for our roadshow that starts tomorrow in Oslo (unfortunately, this is only in Norwegian).

Note: I’ve not written any technical blog posts lately, but much of my time has been dedicated to presenting on these subjects, both for the community, Microsoft and Lumagate. I’ve tried to participate in the forums as much as I can, and will asap when times let me, provide you with a really interesting case study using SCVMM 2012 SP1 and Windows Server 2012. You won’t be disappointed.

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