Thursday, March 21, 2013

Can't add a Hyper-V host to cluster using VMM 2012 SP1


When you have added a new Hyper-V host to Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1, and configured the host with a logical switch, you will probably get some errors when trying to add this node to your cluster.

Error (25343)

"No network adapter found on host <hostname> that maches cluster virtual switch <Logical Switch Name>

Recommended Action

"Please add a network adapter to the host and set the Logical Networks on the adapter to match the cluster network."


Please check the obvious:

1.       The host has mapped the physical adapters to the logical networks on the host properties à Hardware

2.       The logical networks and sites are associated and available to the host group

3.       You have configure the same Logical Switch with the same virtual network adapters
4.     Check the Logical Network for Compliance issues in Fabric


If all this is good, then you’ve hit a known issue in System Center 2012 SP1 – Virtual Machine Manager.

This will be addressed in an update for Virtual Machine Manager.


To add your Hyper-V host to the cluster, use Failover Cluster Manager.

Refresh your cluster in VMM afterwards.


Thomas Maurer said...

Hi Kristian

There is also another workaround to do this. Just restart the job in SCVMM and the server will be added to the Cluster

Anonymous said...

We are currently experiencing this issue. However the "workaround" causes another issue. When we use Failover Cluster Manager to add the host, it breaks the cluster within VMM. VMM no longer thinks that the cluster has a Virtual Switch or Logical Network attached to it. Migrations of VMs between hosts becomes impossible through VMM, although they work just fine from Failover Cluster Manager.

Kristian Nese said...

Are you using Logical Switches in VMM, or the standard virtual switches? I have not experienced the same as you, when I configure the nodes prior to clustering them. When I run the cluster wizard outside of VMM afterwards, and run a refresh in VMM, everything is OK. However, if you are using standard virtual switch, you might have to create the standard switch from scratch afterwards. This has been reported to Microsoft and should be fixed in an update.