Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New job - CTO at Lumagate

"New Year, new wife, new job and new shoes. "

To all the readers of Virtualization and some coffee: Happy new year!

I appreciate that you are reading my blog posts and get in touch with me whether it’s just a question or you want to discuss something more in detail.

This is the year we have been waiting for, us that’s working in the Microsoft cloud space.
Windows Server 2012 is up and running, and now SP1 for System Center is knocking on our door.
Maybe we can take a short break soon?

Fortunately, we can’t. It’s time to get down to business and execute all the promises we made prior to SP1.

This is the ship – and we are sailing right now.

And that, my friends, is the main reason why I’m starting this year in a new job.

I have joined Lumagate, a System Center specialist in the North focusing entirely on System Center, as the Chief Technology Officer.

As a CTO, I will drive our dedication to System Center further, and have a wide diversity of responsibilities. Like business development, working on large projects with key customers, pre-sales, POC’s, workshops and internal training. I will have the best and brightest consultants under my wings, ready to deploy world class System Center solutions, addressing each and every challenge related to datacenter and cloud management, and clients too.

Last year (2012) I worked for Microsoft as an Infrastructure Ranger. I will still continue to work closely with the local MS office, but as a partner and vTSP.

I am really looking forward to start in this job and be as technical as possible so I can stimulate my own needs, and the community.

Speaking of community: NIC 2013 is about to start, and I will have three sessions.
I am currently working on a freshly installed lab, running several Hyper-V clusters and System Center 2012 SP1.
While working on the setups, I thought I should document something useful as I am preparing a ‘Configuring and Deploy the Microsoft Private Cloud’ session for NIC.

Next blog post will be focusing on Fabric configuration with Microsoft technologies, prior Win 2012 and Post 2012.

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