Thursday, August 9, 2012

Master Class "Beyond Virtualization with Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012"

Just wanna share the content of my Hyper-V Master Class course.
Currently extending the course and documentation since there's so much content to cover, and also adding a section about Windows Azure and IaaS scenarios.

MasterClass «Beyond Virtualization with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V»

Skills being measured: 

1.      Hyper-V and architecture – The details you need to know prior to design, installation and troubleshooting

-        Learning the architecture of Hyper-V (type 1 hypervisor)

-        Hyper-V compared with Citrix and VMware

-        Scale, performance and density

-        Installation

2.      Configuring your Hyper-V environment – Plan for scale and to fit your organization needs

-        Introducing the new features for a wide range of scenarios

-        Network Virtualization for multi-tenancy (Introduced with VMM 2012 SP1)

-        ACLs

-        Hyper-V Extensible Switch

-        LBFO

3.      Virtual Machine Management – What you need to know and manage

-        VHD

-        VHDX

-        Dynamic Memory

-        vCPU

-        Measure VM Resources

4.      Hyper-V Clusters – The foundation in a Private Cloud infrastructure

-        Quorum

-        Storage Pools

-        Storage Spaces

-        Networking

-        VM Monitoring

-        SMB3.0

-        CSV2.0

5.      VM Migration – Configure your dynamic and flexible cloud environment for high availability and continuous availability

-        Live Migration

-        Live Migration over SMB3.0

-        Storage Migration

-        Shared-Nothing Live Migration

-        Export/Import

6.      Disaster Recovery – The idea behind disaster recovery and how to plan for reducing downtime when the shit hit the fans

-        Windows Server Backup

-        Hyper-V Replica and Hyper-V Replica Broker

-        Snapshots (checkpoints)

7.      Extend your Datacenter with Windows Azure and IaaS – Use Windows Azure in your future strategy to extend your private cloud with public cloud offerings

-        Windows Azure and it’s history

-        PaaS

-        IaaS

-        Management of Roles

-        Virtual Machine

-        Networking

-        Cloud Services

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