Monday, July 2, 2012

Ready for another year as a Cloud MVP

I was on the run yesterday, and when I arrived at our hotel I was able to smile while reading that all of my friends around the globe got awarded by Microsoft.

Yes, 1th July is the judgment day for so many of us, including myself.

Luckily, I can prepare for another year as a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP.

A big thank you to the community, and of course - Microsoft!

And we are in for a threat!

We have already been playing around with Windows Server 2012 for many months and we are starting to see the adoption of this server platform in the System Center suite too.

So when we are talking about Windows Server 2012 (Hyper-V) and System Center 2012 SP1, I am glad that I am wearing my shoes. This will be a very interesting, excited and challenging year for a cloud dude, trying to help all the organizations to make the necessary changes to enter the cloud.

We have touched the surface for the last two years, and 2012/2013 will be another journey. I got my bag packed and I am ready to lead in front.
So how has the first year as a Microsoft MVP been?

That`s a question that pops up once in a while.

The best part is the acknowledgement and support from the peers in the community. We really learn from each other’s, and have a very good communication, no matter if it`s a mix of expertise`s.  I feel very privileged and honored to be a part of this, but there`s no doubt that it take some energy and time from other parts of live as well.

I guess that only time will tell if I am able to find the right balance of things, and hopefully don’t end up at the hospital this winter.

……because the internet access there is really bad… J

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