Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Understanding Microsoft Private Cloud - White paper

I`ve created a tiny white paper that explains cloud computing in general and the value that System Center 2012 brings to the table.
Based on research and work I`ve done over the last year, there is a huge need of knowledge and understanding of the subject. And it`s very important to know what cloud is, and how Microsoft offer cloud computing through System Center 2012 prior to the deployment.

Hopefully, this document will provide you with an overview and introduction, targeting both the CIO and the IT-pro.

Download the white paper here!



Sandeep Chadda said...

can't really access your document

Kristian Nese said...

Can you try from a different network? The document is really open and available for the general public, no restrictions.


wlundin3 said...

Well worth it, especially both 'The Real Deal' sections. Thank you Kristian.

I was unable to download or view using IE9 (could not save "Understanding Microsoft Private Cloud Whitepaper_pdf?download&psid=1", would get a message the document "couldn't be downloaded". However, using Chrome browser the file could be retrieved. In both cases, I was logged in with my Windows Live account.