Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some OpsMgr resources

I had to do some sessions this week, covering the major components that compose Microsoft Private Cloud.
That would include to become a master of SCOM 2012. To be honest, I needed some tips and guidance for some experts prior to this.

I reached out to a couple of SCOM gurus in the community last week, to get a better overview of some key concepts in the 2012 version.
I`d like to thank Pete Zeger for giving me a kick start - he is a veteran in the SCOM community, and last but not least, one of our future MVP`s in the SCOM expertise - Kevin Greene, a SCOM king who`s working hard  for the community. I knew he`d done some gigs with Aidan Finn and Damian Flynn recently, regarding a SC event in UK, and reached out to him for some insight to the APM feature in SCOM 2012.
To make a long story short, he wrote 3 major blog posts about the subject and gave me the preview of it.
Thank you Kevin! Read his superb blog posts at

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