Friday, January 20, 2012

Microsoft Private Cloud Campaign - Live

Alright, this blog post will hopefully explain why I`ve been a bit quiet lately.

A couple of months ago, I traveled to Microsoft HQ here in Norway, to shot some videos related to a Private Cloud campaign. You`ll find the result over here:

I enjoyed the recording and we had ourselves a laugh.
Anyhow, the purpose of this campaign is to enlighten the Norwegian technicians and explain the value of a private cloud, both the technical model and the business model.

I`ve done several interviews as well, related to this campaign. You`ll find those articles here:

Choose the correct Cloud for your organization:

Get more value of your infrastructure with Virtual Machine Manager 2012:

Watch out for the time thieves:

Note: Every video and article is presented in Norwegian

If you are missing some technical information about cloud, System Center etc, you can look forward to my blog post about the service concept in VMM 2012. Hopefully I`ll be able to post it during this weekend. If I won`t make it, look for an interesting blog post next week.

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