Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tip of the day: Try to see the big picture

About a month ago or so, I was visiting Microsoft HQ here in Norway. While I was there, a good friend of mine gave me some interesting literature.
Microsoft Enterprise Software Roadmap  - Independent Analysis of Microsoft Technology & Strategy

And I must say, this magazine shares many of my own ideas, on how Microsoft would change their technology and products in the future. That`s why I`m so involved with Windows Azure (although I`m a technologist) because I know it will have an impact on my job role - sooner or later.
The roadmap states that in the year of 2016 and beyond, the next versions of SQL Server will not come as a setup that you can install on-premise, but rather delivered through the cloud as a service (SQL Azure).
The same applies to Microsoft Exchange Server, and we already know that Office365 and SQL Azure are well-established in the cloud so far.
I recommend that you get a copy of this magazine and read it through. The peoples behind these publications have worked at Microsoft for several years, and already hit the high notes at many occasions. (Of course, they are not Microsoft employees anymore, and everything is based on their thoughts and knowledge).

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