Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to add a node to a Hyper-V Cluster with VMM 2012

I`ve been asked if I could explain how you add a Hyper-V server into a Hyper-V Cluster, using VMM 2012. Here`s the guide.
1.       You must already have an existing Hyper-V Cluster in a host group, managed by VMM.

2.       Right click the cluster and select ‘Add Cluster Node’.

3.       The node you intend to add to this cluster should prior to this operation been added to VMM, so that VMM is aware of it. From the available hosts, select the hosts you want to add to your Hyper-V Cluster. Note: This screenshot shows that I`m not following the best practice. The reason for that is that this is a simple lab. You should run the cluster validation in the real world.

4.       Either use a Run as Account (you create these under the ‘Settings’ workspace in VMM) or type the required credentials for this operation.

5.       VMM start its magic  and adds the Hyper-V server(s) (install Failover Cluster feature etc) you selected.

6.       Voila – the stand alone Hyper-V server can now be referred to as a node in your Hyper-V Cluster

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