Monday, December 19, 2011

Cloud Computing survey in Norway

Today, published an article that referred to a survey conducted among 2000 CEO`s in Norway.


Here`s why they are not using or plan to use cloud computing:

·         61% think they have no use of cloud computing

·         11% says they have not enough knowledge about the subject

·         4% says there is no financial gain by using cloud computing

·         3% have their own or other solutions

·         2% answered that the decisions are made at a higher level in the organization

·         1% says that cloud will increase the risk for malicious code

And here`s the reason why some of them are using – or plan to use cloud computing:

·         41% because of high availability and flexibility

·         12% because they think they reduce the risk for damage or loss of sensitive data

·         10% says they save costs related to administration and investments

·         9% because they are guaranteed updated software

·         8% security and backup

·         7% simplifies and efficient work and operation

·         6% reduces risks for infection and malicious code

·         2% storage capacity

So what exactly is this telling us?

First of all, we can confirm that there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to cloud computing (still) and obviously, the result speak for itself. If 61% states that they have no use of cloud computing and only 11% says that they have not enough knowledge about the subject, it`s quite clear (to me) that the 61% have a lack of knowledge about cloud.

There are also some differences like 6% use cloud computing because it reduces the risks for infection and malicious code, when 2% answer the same when they explain why they`re not using cloud computing.
The article in general does not mention anything near the private cloud. And it`s very common that the newspaper around here think of cloud computing as public cloud only.


It`s true that people are struggling with the entire cloud concept. They have to understand the cloud to be able to explain why or why not using the cloud in the context of their organization. There are different deployment models (Public, Private, Hybrid and Community) and several service models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

It`s definitively a market out there to sell and deliver services through the cloud, but first of all, the need for knowledge on the subject is bigger.

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