Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cloud Computing – introduced by VMM 2012 - Now Available!

Finally. After several months of hard work and the latest two months combined with an illness in my back, I am happy to announce that my book is finished.

I`ve been in and out the hospital – not only once, but twice during the last month. Some of the injections were fun, and some of them were not.

However, I can summarize the book experience with one word: fun.

Although it was fun to write about exciting new technology, it also included hard work and many late nights. A big thanks to Øyvind Flatekval who took his time to be the technical reviewer. I gave him some tough deadlines but he responded every time, no matter what or when.

About the book

The purpose of the book Is to help the IT-pro, IT-architects (also VMware-professionals) and IT-guys in general – to understand cloud computing, how Microsoft with their products can help them, and how to build and design cloud computing within the organizations own datacenter (private cloud) using System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

There are currently no material available in Norwegian regarding cloud computing and VMM, so I hope this book can be helpful for those who want a deeper understanding of cloud computing.

We`re heading towards some very exciting times in the very near future, so it`s recommended to prepare.

You can order the book here!



James said...

Hi Kristian,
I wish you a lot of success with publishing your VMM Book and your health.
Kind Regards,
James van den Berg
MVP-SCVMM Netherlands

Hans Vredevoort said...

Congratulations on your book Kristian. Unfortunately I cannot read Norwegian, but I will certainly take a look at it.
Good luck with your health too!!
Hans Vredeovort

virtualfat said...

Great to see the first book out on SCVMM2012. I agree it's an exciting time and hope people take time to read your work and embrace the technology shift.

Enlightenment for IT Pros and IT Managers will help us all move forwards.

Hope your health is better.


us vpn said...

I definitely want to get a copy of this. Thanks