Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aidan Finn - a rock star!

This blog post is dedicated to Aidan Finn

Aidan is an IT-pro based in Ireland, and is – in my opinion not just an MVP, but a Rock star!

He has just spent some exciting days at the Build-conference, and blogged more than a journalist have written articles these days.

I think I can speak on behalf of the rest of the community, and really thank Aidan for everything he share on a day to day basis, especially from the build conference which contained a lot of new and useful information on private/public cloud, and Hyper-V in Windows Server 8.

Some of his blog post

What event will Windows 8 RTM be announced at?

Build Windows 8 review

Building Continuously Available File Server NAS Appliance

Building Continuously Available Systems With Hyper-V

If you not already have bookmarked his blog by now, do it.

And follow this rock star on twitter: @joe_elway

Aidan has also written several books, and the one I will mention here is related to Hyper-V.

“Mastering Hyper-V Deployment”

I remember back in August 2010 when I decided to take the MCITP Virtualization Administrator 2008 R2 exams. There were no available books from Microsoft Press, and I had to rely on my own knowledge and skill to take all these three exams. I used my lab and the resources available on the big humpy internet. However, if I was aware of this book before the exam, I would definitely use this as my guidance. This book is so well written, and covers every part of a virtualization project in general, and Hyper-V in detail. Not just Hyper-V, but also the required components to manage this entirely, likes SCOM, SCVMM, SCCM, and DPM.  Aidan combines humor and an in depth technical knowledge in his writing, and it`s quite fun to read it over and over again to refresh some almost forgotten skills.  

I have a hunch that this book will get an upgraded version when Windows Server 8 arrives to the market, and I`m really looking forward to this J (Can you feel the pressure, Aidan? J )

Either you are a Hyper-V expert, or brand new in the virtualization game – buy this book, and read it!

It`s not a useless sentence in the entire book, and it will help you to get the best understanding about Hyper-V technology from the greatest rock star in the Hyper-V community.

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