Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unplanned downtime (not so technical)

Sometimes, life can take an unplanned turn. You`ll end up with something that you had not planned for.
It`s really ironic. Because in my day-to-day work, I work with failover clusters, building highly available solutions with minimal planned downtime. Really focusing on availability, redundancy, and backup.
But what if these things crashes in real life? What if your wife ‘fails’? You cannot switch over to your second wife? (Probably, you could, in some way. But that`s not appropriate – or at least not an option in my case).
However, bad things happen. And you better be prepared. And that`s why I have taken a break from the community, to sort things out. I`m back now, and will appear as a speaker at for Microsoft, and have some exciting projects going on beside that.

Thanks to all of you that have reached me through e-mails, twitter, facebook, and linkedin. I really appreciate your feedbacks.

I will provide you with some important information about Virtual Machine Manager 2012 in my next blog post.


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