Saturday, March 26, 2011

The cloud is moving closer to the IT-Pro

System Center Project Codename “Concero”
More outstanding news from the great System Center team:

Some key capabilities of “Concero” are:
(a) Ability to access resources across multiple VMM Servers
(b) Ability to register and consume capacity from multiple Windows Azure subscriptions
(c) Deploy and manage Services and virtual machines on private clouds created within VMM 2012 and on Windows Azure
(d) Copy Service templates (and optional resources) from one VMM Server to another
(e) Copy Windows Azure configuration, package files and VHD’s from on-premises and between Windows Azure subscriptions
(f) Enable multiple users authenticated through Active Directory to access a single Windows Azure subscription

This is awesome, and fits us perfectly. Finally we will have an integrated management interface that combines both worlds (private+public = hybrid).

I have stressed before that it is important for the IT-pro to know the whole ‘Azure-concept’ –  to understand that it`s a PaaS and not an IaaS. Time to brush of that knowledge once again.

Stay tuned!

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