Monday, December 13, 2010

Hands on – 2011

Why should an IT-pro spend some time with Windows Azure?
At the PDC 2010, Microsoft announced some news for us as well.
·         VM Role
·         Windows Azure Connect
·         Remote Desktop
·         Admin Mode
·         Full IIS 7.5

If you already are familiar with Hyper-V and the concept about Private Cloud as far as Microsoft concern, you have a good start. We have also heard some announcements about the next version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (vNext / 2012). From this perspective we can tell that Microsoft wants us to integrate more with Windows Azure.

One of the great thing about virtualization is that you need to have a decent understanding about every aspect of the eco-system. You need to understand networking, scripting, system administration, databases, security, - yes, almost everything. So to update your skills to also manage Windows Azure from the IT-pros perspective should be practicable.

When it comes to Windows Azure we need to focus on:

·         Deployment
·         Updates
·         Affinity Groups
·         Monitoring
·         Administration
·         Security
·         Backup

We cannot consider us self as unemployed just because we don`t manage the Hypervisor in the cloud.
I`m very exiting about the next version of VMM, and to see what benefits an IT-pro would gain being updated on Windows Azure.

I will share a PowerPoint presentation later for explaining IT-pros about Windows Azure (public cloud) and on-premise (private cloud).

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