Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exchange 2010 and ESET NOD v4.0.67

OK, let me start.

This week, I installed Exchange 2010 in production. We`ve had our Exchange 2007 server running for a while, and wanted to upgrade to Exchange 2010. I installed this on a new 2008 R2 VM (off course), and started to move mailboxes. Everything went fine, and mail flow was good.
But when some of my colleagues started to use a shared mailbox (a user mailbox that some users has full access to), they were not able to see the content of any mail. Or, some of the mails showed content. Off course, we asked the sender to send again, and explained that there was no text in the e-mail. But it was.

If the sender sent an e-mail as HTML, it appeared blank. If the sender sent an e-mail as Plain Text, everything was OK. It took some time before we found out of this pattern.

First we thought that this must have something to do with the content filter on Exchange 2010. No.
Then we thought that the Anti-Virus on the Exchange server could have some impact, and turned it off as a test. No improvement.  Then a great Exchange specialist of mine, Morten Pettersen, recommended to upgrade our Anti-Virus software from NOD v4.0.67, to v4.2.67.
The important factor here is that every user had to upgrade their software. If one user who had access to this shared mailbox, viewed a received e-mail with this version installed, the content were blank for every user who tried to view it. After we upgraded all our clients to v.4.2.67, everything went well.

I guess that more users will have this problem, and hopefully if they BING or Google this combination, they will be routed here to see this explanation. I can’t find any information about this behavior on ESET`s support.

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