Monday, November 15, 2010

Configuring Constrained Delegation (SCVMM)

Once in a while, people at the forums having trouble to access their ISO-files on their Library server from their Hyper-V hosts.
Here is a quick ‘how-to’:
1.       Verify that the VMM Server (vmmservice.exe) is running under a domain account and not the LocalSystem account
2.       Open Active Directory Users and Computers MMC (dsa.msc)
3.       Connect to a domain controller
4.       Locate the computer accounts for your servers running the Hyper-V role
5.       Right click the account and select ‘Properties’
6.       Select the ‘Delegation’ tab
7.       Select ‘Trust This Computer for Delegation to Specified Services Only’
8.       Select ‘Use Any Authentication Protocol’
9.       Click ‘Add’
10.   Click ‘Users or Computers’ and search for the computer account of the server with the VMM library
11.   Select the ‘cifs’ service type.
12.   And finally, accept the changes and you`re done. Remember to repeat these steps for every Hyper-V server in your domain you want to link ISOs to the library

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